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Yesterday, Ohioans spoke clearly and resoundingly: NO on Issue 1.

Over the last month, an unprecedented array of organizations and figures representing Ohio's judges, law enforcement, prosecutors, treatment experts, and health officials came together to form a broad-based coalition.

But at the end of the day, the most important coalition member was you, the voter, who dealt Issue 1 a decisive defeat. You showed the out-of-state interests that Ohio's constitution can't be bought. You spread the word about the dangers of Issue 1 on social media and through letters to the editor. You talked to family and friends about it.

We may have been outspent 10 to 1, but we had something money can't buy: the conviction of the Ohio people.

Thank you sincerely for your support and activism, and now let's come together, no matter how we voted on Issue 1, to work toward real policy solutions that will help improve Ohioans' lives and make our communities safer and healthier places to work and raise a family.
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Over the last three weeks, we've shared with you here the stories of four Ohioans who are each opposed to Issue 1 for personal but different reasons:

Brenda Stewart, whose son is alive today because he opted for treatment when threatened with imprisonment by a judge.

Pastor Greg Delaney, himself a recovered addict, who was previously featured in radio ads for the "Yes" side until he studied Issue 1 more closely and realized just how terrible it would be.

Shea, a former heroin addict who credits a support team led by a "tough-love judge" for her sobriety.

Barbara Clark, clean for almost 15 years, who said she will never forget the look on her children's faces when she would return home after two or three days of using drugs.

They represent the countless vulnerable Ohioans and their family members and friends who will be hurt by Issue 1 if it's allowed to pass.

If you aren't swayed by the chorus of opposition from Ohio's judges, prosecutors, police, treatment experts, and health officials, then listen to Brenda, Pastor Greg, Shea, and Barbara.

You must vote NO on Issue 1. We must send a message to the deep-pocketed, out-of-state interests trying to foist this terrible proposal on us that Ohio's constitution is not for sale.

For the health of our friends and loved ones battling addiction; for the safety and vibrancy of our communities; for Ohio's system of justice, you must get out and vote. It's the only way we can—and will—defeat Issue 1!

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No one is born an addict, but every year, more of our sons and daughters fall to drug abuse. Issue 1's solution is to all but decriminalize deadly narcotics and give drug dealers a constitutional right to get out of prison up to 25% early.

We need real, deliberative solutions to get a grip on Ohio's drug crisis, not a half-baked constitutional amendment. Ohio's future depends on it. Spread the word to vote NO on Issue 1.
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Issue 1 will give drug dealers a constitutional right to a reduced prison sentence and limit judges' ability to help addicts down a path to sobriety. ... See MoreSee Less

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